Thursday, June 22, 2006

Democrats Need To Get A Clue, Then A New Script

Helen Thomas wrote one of her typical OpEd pieces today. She got one thing right though: The Democrats need a new script!

I found Helen's article on the Seattle Post Intelligencer's site:

I replied to her comments there and thought it would be something worth putting here as well:


Posted by Mr. Wizard at 6/22/06 6:32 p.m.

The Democrats definitely need a new script. It would help if that script was based on some sort of clear, relevant agenda instead of their usual tax and waste policies.

The war in Iraq is not pretty. War never is. WWII was far uglier, but it was popular as far as wars go because the threat against the people of the USA was fairly obvious. Even so, the US dragged its heels before getting fully involved. It took Pearl Harbor to force the US to make the commitment to removing the threat the Axis powers posed to the world.

The Democrats to not seem to realize that events in places such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea and even as close as the border we share with Mexico affect the health and well being of US citizens. The Democrats do not favor doing anything to grant to the oppressed people of the world the very rights and liberties the United States of America was founded to protect and preserve.

The Democrats need a new script. It would be nice if they had a clue too.


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