Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The United States' Israel error

Why is it that prior to the end of WWII, the forming of the UN, and the creation by fiat of Israel as a religious state, the Middle East was not much of a problem area as it is now (what is now Israeli controlled territory was certainly not a constant international hot spot) as far as the people of the USA were concerned? I think the U.S. made a huge mistake in aiding and abetting the taking of Arab land and handing it over to a small (largely European) group of people who had no right to it.

Why the very nonsecular government of Israel was formed by UN fiat (with U.S. complicity) to control an historically and culturally important (but insignificant from a natural resources perspective) in a part of the Middle East that has been historically Arab and populated by Muslims and Christians for the most part is a question people need to be thinking about.

If Israel the nation hadn't been created where it is for stupid and wrong reasons by the world's post-WWII superpowers, the Middle East would likely be a very different and much less threatening place. There wouldn't be a Palestinian Refugee problem because a very aggressive nation wouldn't have forced millions of people to flee their homeland. Yes, Israel is the aggressor. Israel has used and abused its bizarre relationship with the U.S. to bully its way into power in the Mideast.

The U.S. can correct the problem by declawing the monster it helped to create: just stop selling anything to Israel that could be used to build or maintain its overgrown military and then let nature takes is course. Israel would not be the obnoxious bully defending land it grabbed from the people who lived there. It would have to live up to its (no bogus) claim of being a democracy and allow all the refugees it drove out to move back and have a say in government there, lest it be overrun. Israel without US support would change its belligerent behavior almost overnight.

The U.S. ought to cease recognizing Israel as a nation, withdrawing all military and financial support, and demand that Israel pay reparations to those it has oppressed with its tyrannical behavior. Then, after truly free, open, and democratic elections, a new government of Israel, by the people who have a real historical claim to it dating to just before WWII (when the UN and US meddled in what was absolutely none of their business), Israel would have a chance at being run by its people for its people, regardless of any official religion.

The U.S. is in a perfect position to put an end to the ongoing problems created by Zionist Israel and help the people of that region get back to the relatively peaceful (by local standards) existence they were used to from 1776 to 1948. If the U.S. told Israel to clean up its tyrannical act, be fair and play nice, there would be a lot more peace in a land many people of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith consider holy. Why is the U.S. supporting Israel, a nation that is founded on religious discrimination and that exists by brutally attacking any people who don't agree with its bully boy behavior?

The U.S. can't undo the mistake it make in the creation of Israel in 1948, retroactively withdraw the massive military and financial handouts it has given to Israel every year since then, and remove all ill will it has created in the bulk of the Middle East with its political meddling in affairs surrounding Israel, but it can certainly act in the interest of world peace and democracy and its own security and economic interests, by admitting its errors and letting the region return to some semblance of normalcy on its own.


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