Friday, December 29, 2006

Micro$loth funding EFF, indirectly

Check out:

Micro$loth Windows Vista is a brain-damaged OS...a shinier version of XP that offers little of substance except for more proprietary crap from Redmond. Vista will feature (?) less security from a user perspective than XP, mostly because Micro$loth is doing its best to implement harsher DRM and cut other, better security software vendors out of the loop via inane things like PatchGuard.

Once again, I find my only true vista (in computing) is Ubuntu Linux. They send me the latest release, on discs, for free, and the new versions install correctly and are mostly stable, unlike Winblows, which has never known "stable" in my experience.

BTW, have you ever heard of anything of real significance coming out of MS "Research Labs"? I haven't, and I pay attention to such things. IBM was once the 800lb. gorilla of the IT world. (Back when it was known as the DP (Data Processing) world.) But IBM labs has contributed mountains to human knowledge in a wide variety of important fields of study. Microsoft has contributed nearly nothing, but brags a lot... Go figure. DOn't believe me? Just do some patent searching (I recommend Google's patent search service, since IBM's might be seen as biased. *snicker*). What things that make a difference in your life has Microsoft done the pioneering research for? Compare that to IBM's patent list...many of said patents IBM gives away the rights to for a song, or less.


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