Saturday, May 12, 2007

Flame Mode: ON!

Where to begin?...

The US Postal Service, the most generally pathetic major delivery organization around, is raising their (monopolized) rate on First Class Mail from $0.39 to $0.41 in a couple of days...after imposing a previous rate hike only 16 months ago. I note they deliver junk mail and missing kids notices a lot better than they get important stuff to my mailbox. Let UPS and FedEx compete with the USPS on an equal basis! Eliminate the USPS monopoly on 1st Class Mail!

The USSC, better than it has been in years, made the very stupid mistake of telling the EPA it is tasked with dealing with CO2 as a pollutant:

I'm dismayed that the SCOTUS would consider telling the EPA to regulate human exhalations, largely Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Does this mean the EPA can now get rid of politicians who bloviate too much? It would be fun to see Billary Clinton and Schmuck Schumer gagged (so they can't exude CO2) and thrown in prison for polluting the environment! I wonder if embedding Nancy Pelosi in a glass-like waste container (much like spend nuclear fuel is prior to disposal) would keep her from committing acts of outrageous pollution?

Had the USSC been on the ball, the EPA would have been told to go suck its thumb.

I'm quite certain that human endeavor has had some slight effect on the Earth's climate, but this "blame industrialized civilization for all climate changes we think we might have observed" is just nuts. In any given year, a major hurricane, earthquake, meteorite strike, wildfire, or volcano is very likely to affect the climate on Earth more than we mere humans manage to do.

Instead of regulating existing technology we need and use, the government ought to focus on finding better alternatives. Fission, fusion, and solar power plants combined with the latest fuel cell tech could make for some very nifty, low-polluting transportation and home energy sources (until the USSC declares H20 to be toxic waste...) If the alternatives are better, the marketplace demand will shift.

The 2008 US Presidential Elections: WE ARE DOOMED! None of the contenders have a clue.

Flame mode: OFF, for now.



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