Thursday, January 31, 2008

Long overdue update...

I suppose I should add something to this blog after a several month long hiatus, so here goes...

The 2008 Florida primary is over. For the Dems, it was moot, as no delegates were awarded to the winner due to some Dem Party infighting. For the Republicans, it might spell disaster. McCain won by 5 percentage points when the contest was considered a toss-up the day before. The problem is that McCain has a strong negative rating with many Republicans who simply won't vote for such a fickle, feckless old fart. For pertinacious Congressman Ron "Libertarian in Republican Clothing" Paul, it was politics as usual -- he got only 3% of the GOP primary votes in FL.

Hillary "Conniving Canine" Clinton clobbered the only slightly less objectionable Barack Obama (he has a platform that is as counterproductive as Hillary's, but at least he isn't as shrill and won't have much of a political machine behind him if he wins). Super Tuesday should be interesting. Guiliani and now Arnold Schwarzenegger have endorsed McCain on the GOP side. Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy have followed Oprah's lead by endorsing Obama. Bitch Clinton has some less well known endorsements -- Maxine Waters?, she makes rocks look smart!.

In other recent news, it turns out that even the French paramilitary police (the gendarmerie) are bright enough to ditch Microsoft Winblows in favor of the far superior Ubuntu Linux operating system. They've already adopted OpenOffice, Firefox, and Thunderbird instead of wasting money on Microsoft crapware such as Office, IE, and Outlook.

But there is more good news for people who are sick of having to deal with the overpriced shit Microsoft foists upon the marketplace due to its monopolistic practices. Microsoft is placing the blame squarely on former monopoly, IBM, for shooting down OOXML as an international document standard. Way to go, IBM!!! One of the best things that could happen to the IT industry would be for Microsoft to go down in financial and legal flames. At least the EU has been more successful than the US government has at penalizing Microsoft by hitting it where it hurts: the wallet. It would be interesting if Microsoft had to start selling its products for the same price in the US and the EU as it does in some developing nations; say $3 per license for Windows or Office. Even at that price, those MS products would remain ripoffs due to their buggy, bloated nature.

The "economic stimulus" bill that Prez Bush asked Congress to pass swiftly in his SOTU address seems to be about to start a legislative fuss, as the Senate could not resist tampering with what the House and Bush agreed on as a compromise. This is a Good Thing™ as just giving out checks more or less willy-nilly at the taxpayers' expense is a brain-damaged idea. A far better way to stimulate the economy would be to implement the FairTax and phase out the IRS. Reining in out-of-control government regulatory and law enforcement agencies (EPA, BATF (notice how they now like to go by a TLA, too? the acronym they prefer now is just ATF...I wonder why?), DOT, FCC, FDA, TSA, DHS, DEA, etc.) would only make us safer from government oppression, but far more prosperous. It seems that far too many Americans have become namby-pamby, mouth-breathing, scaredy cats -- all too willing to trade what little freedom they have left for a false sense of security.


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