Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why can't Microsoft hire competent programmers?

  I've been playing with Windows 7 since it was officially released several weeks ago.  About the best thing I can say about it is that it sucks less than Vista.  It is not as robust as XP is after years of "beta testing" at the expense of paying customers.

  The thing that I find ironic is that when Windows 7 does an Automatic Update, it boldly proclaims that a reboot is required because the OS can't alter important system files while they are in use.  Somebody should rudely inform the cretins who claim to be software developers at MS that almost every patch and upgrade to numerous flavors of Unix and Linux has been installable without requiring a reboot since the latter part of the last century.  It is amazing that anyone who has been responsible for any version of Windows would even show their face in public, much less mention the fact.

  Also, has anyone noticed how the POS known as Silverlight keeps showing up in Automatic Updates even when one repeatedly tries to bur^H^H^Hhide it forever?  I've used Silverlight.  Talk about a waste of time and computer resources!  Ditto for anything MS tries to foist on unsuspecting consumers under the "Live!" brand. 

  On the good news front, based on reviews I've read, Ubuntu 9.10 looks to be very stable and capable of replacing Windows for almost all practical purposes, and will almost certainly do its job faster and more efficiently without crashing almost as often time Obama tells a lie as he parrots what he reads on his teleprompters.  When I return from vacation, I'm looking forward to seeing what new features Ubuntu 9.10 has to offer.

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